props luxury

The “Luxury Collection” is  some of the pieces of the “Loft collection” made of neoprene cord plus semiprecious stones, silver 925 clasps/ hooks, or golden plated silver .

What defines them is the sensation of the material and the elegant designs. Neoprene is Soft, elastic, mat, light… foamy! Mixed and matched with Pearls, golden / silver details, the cat’s eye stones or aquamarine stones.

aquamarine stones necklace

Crosses Necklace / Flat neoprene cord / Aquamarine stones

circles black necklace

Circles golden Necklace / Neoprene cord / aluminium / magnet clasp

circles gorld bracelet

Circles golden Bracelet / Neoprene cord / aluminium

crosses 2 necklace

Crosses Necklace / Flat neoprene / Aquamarine stones / Silver 925 clasps

crosses aquamarine necklace

drops necklace

Drops Pearl Necklace / Flat neoprene / Real Pearls / Silver 925 clasps

drops pearl necklace

pearls gold black bracelet

Pearl Bracelet / Neoprene cord / Real Pearls / Golden bronze




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